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Visit medical treatment

visit medical care


What is home-visit medical care?

Unlike home visits where you suddenly get sick and rush to the hospital, you visit regularly and systematically once every one or two weeks for consultation and guidance on medical treatment, treatment, drug prescription, and medical treatment. And so on.

Those who can receive

○ Those who need medical treatment after discharge ○ Those who have difficulty in going to the hospital due to dementia ○ Those who are physically handicapped and have difficulty in going to the hospital ○ Those who are bedridden ○ Those who want to welcome at the home where they lived at the end of life Person

Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries or requests regarding home-visit medical care, even if you are not listed above.


Flow to home visit

If you would like to visit us, please contact us by phone. We will set a schedule and have an interview. At the time of consultation from patients and their families, we will ask in detail about the medical history, current illness, medical condition, etc., and collect information from related medical institutions. (Medical information provision form from medical institution, test data, prescription contents, etc.) Then, make a medical treatment plan and visit schedule while asking in detail what kind of treatment you want to receive and the nursing ability of your family. Let me do it. After the first visit, we will set a visit date in consideration of the patient's medical condition and perform regular medical examinations. In order for patients who are in a stable condition to understand their normal health condition, we carry out home visits 2 to 4 times a month.

* If you do not have test data, blood tests, echo tests, electrocardiograms, and X-rays (clinic only) will be performed at home or at the clinic as needed. Please note that we will always test for infectious diseases.

Emergency response

We provide visiting patients with a dedicated telephone number so that they can be contacted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We will visit you if necessary, but depending on the situation, we may ask for an ambulance, so be sure to call the doctor for instructions.

Medical services available at home

○ Blood pressure / body temperature / pulse measurement ○ Percutaneous oxygen saturation measurement ○ Echo test ○ Electrocardiogram test ○ Blood / urinalysis ○ Home central venous nutrition ○ Intravenous / injection ○ Home oxygen therapy ○ Management of gastrointestinal tract ○ Management of artificial anus ○ Bladder incision management ○ Bladder indwelling caterpillar management ○ Diabetes home self-injection management ○ Decubitus treatment / other treatment ○ Prescription issuance ○ Influenzawakuchi vaccination ○ Pneumococcal vaccination ○ Fujisawa City medical examination / colon cancer examination

At the clinic

○ Gastrocamera ○ Bone density test ○ Blood vessel age test ○ X-ray

Chemotherapy can be continued by coordinating with the hospital depending on the content.
If you have any other questions about treatment, please feel free to contact us.


○ 胃カメラ
○ 骨密度検査
○ 血管年齢検査
○ レントゲン撮影
​○ エコー検査
その他 、治療のことなどご質問があればお気軽に申し出下さい。

About the cost

Medical insurance is applied to the insurance used for home visits.
This is an example of the burden of receiving medical visits twice a month. Please refer.

For patients with a 10% burden

Home medical care comprehensive management fee

(Out-of-hospital prescription)

4,500 / month

Comprehensive support addition

Home patient visit medical fee

Home care management guidance fee

(Long-term care insurance)

One time 890 yen 1,780 / month

One time 290 yen 580 / month

4,800 / month

150 / month

Patient's burden

(When issuing an out-of-hospital prescription)

Total 7,010 yen

* The above amount is for patients who bear 10%.


   300円/ 月

→  596円/ 月

→ 1,780円/ 月


Infectious disease testing the (blood) have been carried out at the time of the visit starts. Please understand that the examination is necessary because it is carried out in consideration of the safety of patients, their families, and the various occupations involved.

Inspection items

・ Medical insurance adaptation test

Self-financed inspection  

〖Hepatitis B / Hepatitis C / Syphilis〗

〖H I V〗

1,300 yen

○ The cost of medical examinations, infusions, treatments, and telephone consultations related to medical treatment are treated as medical insurance, so a partial burden of 10% or 30% will be charged separately. Please check the insurance card that the patient has for the out-of-pocket rate.

○ Depending on the content, you may be required to pay at your own expense. In that case, we will consult with you in advance.

○ Home care management guidance fee will be charged by long-term care insurance. Please check your long-term care insurance burden ratio certificate.

If nutritional guidance is given by a registered dietitian, a burden of 530 yen will be charged each time.

○ Medical insurance for the elderly aged 75 and over The upper limit of the counter contribution for patients aged 75 and over who bear 10% is 18,000 yen . The maximum amount of the counter contribution for patients who bear 30% varies depending on their income.

The upper limit of the counter contribution for patients aged 70 to 74 who bear 20% of the elderly beneficiary certificate is 18,000 yen . The maximum amount of the counter contribution for patients who bear 30% depends on their income.

○ Accounting will be closed at the end of the month, and the amount will be announced the following month. You can choose from the following three payment methods.
① Visit ② Collection ③ Transfer (Please note that the fee will be borne by the patient)

○ Once a month, we will check three points: medical insurance certificate, long-term care insurance certificate, and long-term care insurance burden ratio certificate.

About prescription

The prescription fee is included in the home medicine integrated management fee. Please pay the medicine fee at the dispensing pharmacy.
In addition, a visiting pharmacist from the dispensing pharmacy visits your home to explain and manage how to take your medicine.

Please contact us if you are considering using it.

Visit range


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