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smoking cessation treatment


Smoking cessation treatment with health insurance

Since April 2006, smoking cessation treatment has been covered by insurance.
This is not a mere habit or preference, but a nicotine addiction illness, with the necessary treatment.
Treatment is available to any smoker who meets certain conditions.

Harm of second-hand smoke

Smoking also affects the people around us.
There are two types of cigarette smoke: mainstream smoke (smoke that smokers inhale directly) and second-hand smoke (purple smoke that rises from cigarettes). The content of harmful substances is much higher in second-hand smoke, which makes it more irritating.

The idea of "quitting smoking" not only for yourself but also for people around you such as your family.
It is especially important when considering the health of infants.

(Smoking is greatly involved in the sudden death of infants during sleep)

Beware of misunderstandings! !!

Passive smoking cannot be prevented with an air purifier.

● Reason 1
Smoke is sucked in
only about 40 cm from the suction port for commercial use and within 20 cm for home use.

● Reason 2
I can't remove harmful substances.

Therefore, smoking cessation is the only way to prevent second-hand smoke.


合計が3.0点以上の方は 睡眠時無呼吸症候群 の可能性が高いです。

How to get smoking cessation treatment

Insurance coverage conditions

  • 5 points or more on the test to diagnose nicotine addiction

  • Average number of cigarettes smoked per day x 200 or more years of smoking so far

  • I want to start smoking cessation within a month

  • Written consent to receive smoking cessation treatment

Even if you do not meet these requirements, you can still receive smoking cessation treatment at your own discretion.




New treatment

Nicotine-free medications reduce nicotine deficiency symptoms such as irritability and make cigarettes less delicious .

Start once a day and gradually increase the dose during the first week of drinking.
Take it while smoking for the first week of drinking, and start smoking cessation on the 8th day.

Usually 2 weeks.

If you stop smoking naturally, quit smoking early without waiting for the 8th day.

Smoking cessation treatment schedule







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